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Under construction!
A Welcoming Place to Enjoy Year-Round

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the park each year, and we expect that number to increase dramatically when construction is complete.

The park is thoughtfully designed to create diverse and flexible spaces that provide opportunities for active recreation, passive uses, and temporary occupation throughout the year for all visitors. We will work closely with the community to develop programming and events.

An artist's concept of the Great Lawn in springtime.

The Great Lawn

The Great Lawn is designed to host year-round events ranging from 100 people to 5,000 people in distinct spaces, as well as daily recreation options.

The Pavilion

The park’s signature pavilion hosts events for a range of communities and cultures. Annual events include the Puerto Rican & Hispanic Day Parade, Buffalo Rick James Funk Fest, and others. We look forward to welcoming these events back to the park after construction!

Picnic Shelters

The park’s picnic shelters are used every weekend and many evenings for a variety of events, including family reunions, cookouts, birthdays, baby showers, cultural activities, church functions, and company picnics. On some days, every single shelter in the park is booked.

Impact During Construction

Events in Ralph Wilson Park have been suspended during construction. The two picnic shelters near the pool are available for rentals through the City’s Division of Parks and Recreation website.


Please visit the City’s website to learn more about permits for the park.