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Q&A From Update to the Community

Below are the responses to the questions we received online following our May 7, 2024 Update to the Ralph Wilson Park Community. If you have additional questions, please email and we will respond. Thank you!

How many phases are anticipated in this project?

We anticipate that the current project contains 2 phases. We are currently in the first phase of construction. That being said, public parks are ongoing projects! We will continue to build out the community’s vision for years to come.

When will the diamonds be ready for the children to play softball, baseball and Tball?

We anticipate that the diamonds will be ready for use in the Spring of 2026. However, we cannot guarantee it at this point, as construction progress is depending on weather and many, competing factors.

Where are water fountains for humans in the park?

Water access for humans and fur friends will be available throughout the park.

How long will the trees take to grow to full size?

Significant investment is being made into a highly selective, diverse species mix of trees designed to withstand the intense environmental conditions present in the park. Additionally, the landscape architect’s have specified an array of engineered soils to promote plant longevity and sustainable growth rates. Across the vast pallet of trees specified, reaching maturity is variable and highly dependent on weather. Trees that grow fast are trees with structural deficiencies that present a host of problems in a public setting. We will work with the City of Buffalo’s Forestry Department to ensure all trees are receiving the best care to promote sustainable and consistent growth rates. Transplanted trees do suffer shock during the process and initial growth may in fact take place below ground and no visible growth rates will be seen in the first two years. It is important for newly placed trees to establish a structural foundation to both support and encourage growth through vigorous root growth. There is an old saying among landscapers about transplanted trees, “the first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps and the third year it leaps”.

After completion, adjacent residential property will likely greatly increase in value.  For current renters, this could result in unaffordable rents.  Could any local banks/credit unions assist current renters to become owners of these homes themselves?  Under current economic conditions, they likely will not be able to compete with all-cash offers from families with existing generational wealth.  Alternative financing models will likely be needed to make these homes accessible to current renters as a result.  Thank you!

That is a great question, thank you! We’ve done some preliminary research on property ownership in the neighborhoods around the park and we are really interested in working closely with neighbors to ensure they reap the economic benefit of Ralph Wilson Park. We will bring this up with our Board of Directors to determine how we can best partner with our neighbors.

Will the Ralph Wilson Conservancy take a stand against proposed hydroelectric turbines in the Niagara River?

We are focused on building Ralph Wilson Park.

Will hours for the pool be expanded?

The City of Buffalo manages and staffs the pool. If there is an increased demand for pool hours beyond the current schedule, we will work with the city to ask if there is staffing capacity to increase the pool’s hours.

Will there be Condominiums Built here too?

No housing will be built in the park.

Does the plan include basketball court(s)? Asking for a friend.

Not at this time, but parks are never finished!