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For Sale: Student Artwork Inspired by Park

Leonardo daVinci High School students made beautiful prints to display and sell at our community meeting

Students in Michelle Schroeder’s art class at Leonardo daVinci High School made beautiful prints inspired by Ralph Wilson Park to display and sell at our May 9th community meeting. We are thrilled to continue to offer these prints for sale now!

Check out the prints below and click here to purchase online. We ask for a minimum donation of $15 per print (feel free to donate more!), plus $2.50 for shipping costs. 100% of the donations (minus the shipping cost) will go directly to the students!

Please indicate the artist name (or names if you’re purchasing more than one print – names are shown in white font over image below) in PayPal notes as well as your shipping address. Please add $2.50 per address to cover shipping.

Questions or trouble ordering? Email the RWPC at