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Weekly Construction Updates

What's happening this month at Ralph Wilson Park?

As part of ensuring our community and especially our park neighbors are kept informed, we will send out a weekly construction update every Monday morning. We will also post these updates to our websiteInstagramFacebook and LinkedIn

Lots going on this month at the park! Thanks to the great weather, Gilbane and their construction partners are working on multiple major projects:

  • Shoreline work including placement of armor stone on the inlet hooks, and fortifying the wall between the hooks to begin dredging the inlet.
  • Storm sewer network piping.
  • Foundation work for the new pedestrian bridge.

You may have noticed the large crane and pile driver if you have recently traveled along the I-190 on the west side of Buffalo. The crane and crews this week began pile driving on the northeast side of the I-190 along 4th street.

The cranes are driving 30 ft steel piles into the ground to begin building the foundation of Ralph Wilson Park’s signature pedestrian bridge.

The bridge is big and heavy (nearly 233 tons!). To begin building the foundation of the bridge, crews are driving hollow steel pipes into the ground, and filling them with concrete grout. Crews drove 98 micro pile casings on the southeast side of the planned pedestrian bridge. The micro pile casing is one piece of many pieces that form the bridge’s foundation.

The micropile’s purpose is to transfer the bridge’s weight through the existing soil profile all the way down to stable bedrock – about 30 feet below ground.

Cages placed into the pipe tie the bridge’s foundation to the ground and will support and reinforce the bridge (photo below).

Please share your questions and follow along on social media for weekly updates!