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Leading the Heritage Engagement Project

Joining the Ralph Wilson Park Conservancy to help launch the RWP Heritage Engagement Project is Dr. Kathryn Grow Allen. Katie is an archaeologist and anthropologist who has worked on heritage projects around the world. Her work in places like Greenland helps protect places of heritage, encouraging communities to see them as legacies inherited from the past, to be passed on to the future. 

In this new role, Katie will be creating content and community initiatives that build on the work of Imagine LaSalle. She will also assist with the Conservancy’s newsletter, create an accessible public history of the RWP lands, and engage those invested in supporting Ralph Wilson Park as a piece of Buffalo heritage.

Lead photo caption: Archaeologist and Anthropologist Dr. Kathryn Grow Allen is using her background in heritage to lead our community engagement project. She is pictured here working on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Greenland.